Saturday, October 11, 2008

Firebox Add-ons

This is a great tool add-on for Firfox. I just added this one to my favorite add-on list.

I watched one of Asp.Net MVC tutorial shows: #7 ASP.NET MVC Storefront Part 7: Routing and UI Work, where FireBug add-on was mentioned along with one feature for the New IE. Since I use Mac most of time, I went to FireBug page and downloaded the add-on. It is so great! By clicking on FireBug button on the bottom status bar, you will see a panel view of FireBug:

Actually, it is not only for developers to use it. None-developers may use it for many cases. For example to copy some text in a linked text. There are many other tools can do the same thing, but this is an example you may extend to do other similar things.

First, you click on "FireBug" icon on the status bar, as marked as green 1. Then you can see the view of FireBug panel. Click on Inspect as marked as 2. Hover the web page, you will see selections and responding tags in the Firebug. Click on a selection, the Inspect is toggled off. Finally, you can expand the view in HTML to find the text you want to copy. Isn't FireBug a great add-on!

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