Saturday, May 10, 2008

Preview with Some PDF Editing Features

I just realized that Preview has some PDF editing features. javascript:void(0)For example, you can move pages to a new location. You can also add pages from another PDF file by dragging, or just drag a PDF file to a location.

A blank page can be added. It may be helpful it you want to print two-sides in right order or sequence.

Other features are to add Note, Link, Oval, Rectangle, and Bookmark. However, the Bookmark applies to all PDF files, which means bookmarks are saved outside PDF file. I use Notes to add comments to replace TOC (see next). Preview provides Annotation view these items. By clicking on a note, I can see the page right away. When a note is selected or outlined with a frame, you cannot see the note content. Make sure there is not frame displayed. The selection is used to delete a note.

One thing that is missing, at least I cannot find out how, is to add Table of Contents (TOC). I am not sure if there is any add-on with this function or not.

Anyway, it is very cool! I was wondering if I have to buy Acrobat full version for these needed features. This free offer is very sweet!.