Monday, March 17, 2008

Firebox Add-ons

One reason I like Firefox so much is that there are so many open source or free Add-ons for Firebox. Those handy ones make my web surfing much more easy and convenient! The problem is that if I go to another place (work) or update my computer (like my new Mac), I have to install them again. Sometimes it is not easy to remember their names. Here is list of my favorite ones:

  • FireBug: Great tool for developers to view and verify detail source codes, ccs, scripts and more for a web page.

  • FoxClocks: Keeps eye on a list of times over the world

  • Ansers: Alt+click on any word or item for quick info...

  • ChromaTabs: make your tabs colorful!

  • ColorZilla: add color to your tabs.

  • Cooliris Prviews: Browse a link without leaving the page.

  • DOM Inpsector: inspect the structure and properties of a window and its contents.

  • FireFTP: FTP client for Firefox.

  • Forecastfox: handy status icon with local & internaltion weather.

  • MeasureIt: draw out a ruler to get the pixel width and height of any elements on a we page...

  • Tab Mix Plus: add advanced tab features. If you have installed color tab add-ons, you may need to configure the current tab in box and under line. Otherwise, you may not find which one is the current one!

  • Talkback: sends information about program crashes the Mozillar. Trust Mozilla and Firefox to make good browser!

  • Web Developer: add a menu of various web developer tools.

I try to make the list short, but they are really good ones. I may add more to this list!

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