Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mac Software Update

New update from Mac. I noticed the update when I read a blog on this security update from The following are the detail information about this update:

This update requires Restart.

As a usual step, I smushit those pictures before I insert them to this blog. I saved about 80% space in size for both pictures.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rename Files Tool: NameChanger

toolsI posted a blog on some greate Mac software tools in Nov 2008. One of them is NameChanger.

Very often, I need to change names of picture or video files from camera or camcorder to my Mac. This tool is a great one to rename files. Here is the interface of NameChanger:

It provides a wide range of options to rename files and they are good enough to accomplish my need.

For example, the first step I do is to use the Sequence option to rename the entire names to files with sequence numbers and a proper extension name such as .dv. The Sequence has additional options available from a window:

After that, I then use the Prepend option to add whatever prefix words at the beginning of the files. Just two actions to rename files in the format I need.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Mac Software Update

Today I found several Mac software updates. I took screen shots of them as followings.

I am going to blog all the Mac updates for my personal references as much as I can. This is another usage of blog.

I use some screen shot cut keys to make a copy of the update windows: S-Cmd-4, space bar, then click on the update window. S-Cmd-4 only is used to cut an area; and S-Cmd-Ctrl-4 for copying to clipboard. I have to repeat using these keys so that I can remember them, power of Muscle Memory.

All there updates look like iWork related. Actually I have not used them in my iMac yet. I use instead, which are great tools and free.

After the installation, no restart is required.

To save blogger's disk space, always using tool to compress graphics first. This may reduce image sizes a lot, no matter how small they are.