Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time Machine: Delete Files or Backups

To delete files or backups in Time Machine is done through action icon. In Time Machine, the right click or Control-Click does not work. You have to use action icon to find all available actions for a selected file or folder:

If you select 'Delete All Backups of "..."', it will delete the file from that date back to the end. If you select Delete Backup, I found that actually the whole back on that date is gone! If no file or folder is selected, there are only three actions: Open, Delete Backup and Get Info.

I tried to take some snap-shots by using Grab tool, but I could not get it to work in Time Machine. What I did is use the short-cut key to take the whole screen: Command-Shift-3 to file, or +Control to clipboard. Then I quit the Time Machine, and my Seahore tool to past back and cut. Remember smushit before loading to my blog.

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