Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Uninstall Application and Set Default Application for Certain Files

I installed OpenOffice when I got my iMac. However, soon I found out that NeoOffice is based on OpenOffice but specially for Mac. I was hesitated to make a switch. I could not find uninstallation package for OpenOffice and worried about clean removing if I simply remove it. For example, I realized that there is Open with choice for OpenOffice and how it would be cleared if I just delete it.

After googling for a while, I found it is just as simple as just delete the application! There is another place I could check: /Library/Application Suppport to see if there any OpenOffice folder there. I tried to delete the application. It is gone. So simple to clean an application on Mac, not liking Windows where you might left some registry settings or dll files in <Windows> or <Windows/Systems> or some where in "Program Files" folder. Of course, I have to remove some aliases I places in other use accounts.

Then I installed Its UI is much better than OpenOffice, and it's a complete package with document editing, spreed sheet, presentations, and database. I used the first two in most cases.

The next problem is that my default Open option for documentation or excel files are back to Apple's and To change the default Open With is quite simple:

  1. Select a file in Finder,
  2. Press Command+I key to open File Information window
  3. Change to an option in Open with option list.
  4. Click on button Change All... will change the default for all files like this.

Command+I is a generic Apple Key for information. For file information, you can also change file icon there. Just select the icon of a file, use either menu Edit|Copy or Command+C to make a copy to get the source icon. Then open another file's information window, select its icon then past the source icon (Eidt|Paste or Command+V). To undo it, just press Command+Z.

After several month practice, I am getting used to Mac interface and really like my iMac. It is very stable, fast, easy to use and many more!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Time Machine

Recently, my Windows computer has lost its boot section twice this month. Finally, the HD is dead. Fortunately, I used Norton's Ghost to back up my C: driver. Therefore, I replaced my HD and restored the image.

My Mac does not have any backup yet. This is warning for me. Then I purchased a 500GB external HD and tried to use Mac's Time Machine to back up my HD. The installation is very simple. I don't need to install any driver. However, when I plugged in the USB cable, the HD did not show up. I had to restart my Mac to get the USB HD available for use.

As most people mentioned, the first time back up took a while to complete. I let it run last night. It took about 100GB space and the TM doing hourly incremental back for today. I tried to browse TM. The UI is very cool.

I also realized that the back up was done for my whole HD, including other users I have defined. I cannot see their files in TM, but other users can see their back ups when they log in.

I am not sure how long my 500GB will run out of space. In case that happens, I'll see if I have option to remove the oldest backup to free some space for the next.