Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Mac Freezes!

I read many articles about how stable Mac it is, compared to Windows. I though Mac never freezes. However, I had several cases my Mac freezes!

One common case is that when I tried to edit iTune's information for a song, somehow, the cursor becomes to waiting one and no response for ever! The only way to stop it is to terminate the process. This is not too bad to do it. Move the cursor to another application or Finder, and then select Force Quit... from Apple's menu. It looks like Terminal services in Windows. I can see my iTune is not responding. I had to kill it.

Another even worse case is that when I play a podcast from remote control, no response happened to me once. From there, there is no way to get back to my desktop. I tried to press esc key and remote buttons. No one is responding! The only way is to turn off the power. Hold on the power button behind the lower left conner for a while to shut down the power.

Nothing is perfect. In general, I am still very content with my Mac performance.

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