Monday, March 17, 2008

Shortcut Keys for Firefox and More...

I like to use shortcut keys in Firefox. They are very convenient. In my new Mac, I finally find out several useful shortcut keys for Firefox:

  • Command-L: jump the focus to location bar and all the text are highlighted.

  • Command-left or right arrow key: move the text cursor to the beginning or end of the current line. I think this is the Mac generic key. These keys are very handy when you edit or in Firefox URL or Google search text box control.

  • Command-K: jump the cursor to search bar and all the text there are highlighted.

  • In search bar: Command-page down key displays the history texts in a drop down list.

  • In search bar: Command-up or down arrow key to change search engine.

  • Command-[: go back to previous web page.

  • In Firefox browser area: Command-up or down array key to jump to the beginning or end of the page.

  • In Firefox browser area: Command-left or right array key to go to previous or next visited page.
  • Command-T: to open a new tab.

  • Command-W: to close a tab.

  • Control-page up or down: to move to previous or next tab.

  • F5: to refresh the page.

  • Command-N: to open a new window.

  • Jump to location bar, type some key words. Press Command-Enter to add http:// and .com around your word and open the link.

  • /: to open a search in Firefox. Command-G to find the next, and Command-shift-G to the previous one.

  • More about shortcut keys!

With these convenient keys, you will enjoy your web surfing!

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