Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Like my Mac!

The more I use Mac, the more I like it. It is really very impressive computer and OS.

First, I restored the mouse back to the original settings. Mac mouse does not clear right button. I think that is why both buttons are set to primary button. Actually, the for context menu, just hold done Control button and click will get the same right click as Windows right click. Therefore I am back to Mac's settings.

Another add-on I found for Firefox is Vimperator. It is a very good add-on. It is based on VI or VIM's hjkl keys to move keys around the browser. As it was said, the muscle of memory is so powerful. It takes some time to get used to these special keys. This is repeat process, after a while I am very comfortable about it. The reason I was looking for something like this is that JP mentioned VIM + ReSharper. That brought my memory of VI. I used VI very rarely. It was so hard to learn. However, VI fun's passion left very deep impression in my mind. I really like to avoid use less mouse as possible. It is a pain to use mouse sometimes, specially when it is hard to find it and reposition it. Keyboard should be good enough to handle most jobs. For example, take a look how Chinese are typed in to Windows and Mac with the same English OS!

To install applications to Mac is also painless process. In most cases, you will get application package in dmg file. When it is loaded or opened, application file or folder is opened in a Finder. Just drag the application to a folder to install it! No more configuration or registrations. It is also very easy to uninstall the program, just put it to Trash!

The recommendation to install applications is to put them in /Applications/ folder. However, I don't want to mess up none-Mac OS applications there. I prefer to create /MyApplications/ folder and place all my favorite applications there. In this way, I know what are original Mac applications, and what are other provider's applications. It makes finding applications much easy. If I have to install my favorite applications to another Mac, I just go to MyApplications to find them.

Another tip for me is that I always create an Alias for the application. Then I log in to another user and then drag the Alias to the user's Desktop. The application is available for use. That is very simple!

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