Sunday, April 13, 2008

Uninstall Programs

In most cases, to uninstall programs or packages, it is very easy to do it in Mac. Just remove the folder or files from the installed location.

Recently I have interest to learn about Python programming language. I tried to install GUI IDE for Python, ActiveTcl. However, after the installation, I could not get its IDE for Python. I could not run tclsh or wish console shells, which is not very much different from Terminal console. So I decided to remove it.

There is no installation for it. I had to reopen its installation package and get the installation information about where files were installed. I removed all the files/folders except three shortcuts in /usr/local/bin.

I tried to remove them by using rm command in a Terminal. But I cannot remove them with a message saying permission denied. I tried to go to the folder from Finder, GUI interface, but I could not find it under my HD. I am not sure where I can set my view options to display /usr/local. Finally, I use Finder's Go|Go to Folder... menu to open it. Then I can see files there. To remove them, I have to provide my admin password to do it.

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