Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My iMac24 is Dead!

Last night my iMac 24, my first Mac purchased in 2007, was dead. It was in white screen and I could not login. I tried to turn off the power and turned it on again several times, still no luck.

Then I tried to book it from my Mac OS CD. At first, there was no internal HD in destination for installation, only my USB and TM drives are there:

I opened Disk Utility from menu, there is no HD neither:

I tried to erase the HD to see if I could get it back with clean disk. I got error message. I tried to do partition as well and also an error. All those process took long time to the point of error:

After all those tries, fortunately, I saw my Mac HD. I then verified and repaired the disk. It took about half hour and finally there was an error message:

All those tries were failed. One little progress was that I got my login screen again. I could login to my account. It looked like OK, but I am sure the HD has issues.

I sent my iMac 24 to local Apple Store(Market Mall). I was told that the HD was dead for sure. There was another issue about CD sensor, which costs about $13.00, but the HD and repair costs me about $313.00. To buy an internal HD with 500GB in the market will cost less than $100.00, but I would not take the risk the hassle to do it myself. I was told that the repair will take about 1-3 business days to get it back. I hope it will be fine.

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daniela said...

HELP HELP HELP please!!!
This also happened to me!
I need my data :/ I dnt want to loose it!! :(
I dont know what to do HELP ME PLEASE