Sunday, March 27, 2011

App from App Store on multiple Macs

I Love My AppleToday I tried to purchase iLife 11 on my iMac 27. Actually I purchased this item about one month ago when I was on my iMac 24. On the web, some people say that you can install an app from App Store on more than one machines. I was not sure it is true. I tried to get it on my iMac 27 about 1 week time later after my initial purchase. I got a warning message saying to Buy app. I stopped there to avoid double charge.

I talked to Apple tech person when I was picking up my repaired iMac 24. I told him that I had purchased iLife11 from App Store and asked him if I could get it back. He told me that, if I cannot find it from my TM, I should be able to repurchase it from Apple Store without any charge.

"You can install the app up to 5 machines. If you get charge, just phone iTunes support line", he said with confidence. This is confirmation, at least from Apple people.

Today I went to App Store again on my iMac 27. After I pressed "Buy" button, I saw this message:

I am really happy with the App Store. It is a great news for Mac users.

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