Sunday, March 27, 2011

My iMac24 is Back

Last Friday, the same date iPad 2 is available in Canada, I got a call from the local Apple store about my iMac 24 is ready for pick up. I went to the store after work. There were a lots people outside and in the store for iPad 2. I was warned that there would be long time to wait; however it did not take to much time to get my iMac 24 back. I paid $264.00 for the replacement of the HD, $39 for the service and tax, in total of $318.15.

With my TM as backup, I did migration of all my OS and data back when I got home (it was late since I spent about 2 hours in line to get a new iPad 2). The migration took quite long time, about 3 hours. After that, I had to run Apple updates to get all the newest update during the time my iMac at Apple store. After that everything are back.

This was the first blue screen when the power was on:

Apple installed OS on my iMac. So quickly I was the OS screen with searching for my wireless keyboard.

Mac OS found my TM and prompt me to the installation and migration screen. I selected "From a Time Machine backup"

It took a while for the migration to figure out the space needed for restoring:

At the start, the estimate time was over 1 hour, but soon it was changed to 4 hour and then 3, 2, 1. I cannot remember actual time it spent. I was on another iMac 27 and about 1:00am on the next day I finished the migration.

The Apple Software Update after the migration took another very long time period. I did not wait for the complete. The next day I checked my iMac 24, and I found that all my OS, application and data are back to their status, including my purchase of iLife 11 from iMovie 11. Now my iMac 24 is back to work.


Hong said...

Good for you! Don't you have a HD warranty?

David Chu said...

HD is part of iMac. Since my iMac 24 is out of warranty, I had to pay the HD and service.