Saturday, November 1, 2008

VIM The Best Editor

I just started to learn VIM. It is the best text editor. The main reason I need a good editor is that I am doing programming in both Mac and Windows platforms. VIM can handle the text files in both system very well.

VI has been used for so many years. It was started as UNIX text editor. Its UI interface looks very simple and plain. I remembered that when I first used UNIX or IBM ACS system, I was lost the first time in VI. I was told that VI is very powerful tool and programmers just love it when they know how to use it. However, I have never got chance to learn it. One thing about VI is that it is a Muscle Memory tool.

Anyway, I am convinced to learn it since I started to use VIMPERATOR add-on for Firefox. I love it so much. I have to admit that it takes some time to learn it. However, when you know and memorize most common keys, it is so convenient with keyboard. You don't need mouse.

VIM is a Vi Improved text editor. It brings more power to VI. After about 2 weeks using, I just used a iceberg of its power. I am totally convinced that it is the tool as a program cannot be without. There are still many things to learn. I think when I repeat these commonly used features, my programming work will be more productive for sure.

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