Saturday, November 15, 2008

Great Free Mac Applications!

As I mentioned in my previous blog,'s new blog on 100+ Free Applications for Mac lists a wide range of great Mac applications. I have already used some.

I just browsed some of them and found some really attractive:
  • Sytem Tool: Onxy for cleaning system
  • Sytem Tool: Loginnox to change Login background.
  • File Management: Punakea to add tags to files.
  • File Management: NameChanger to rename files with easy UI.
  • Social Network: Syrinx to make Twit easy on desktop.
  • Porgramming IDE: NetBeans to provide IDE for multi programming languages in Windows and Mac.
  • Image Editor: Seat Home 3D Design is actually a cool application for home design with 3D view.

I have not install all of them. Just a peak of them I am very impressed with their features and UI.

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