Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Dojo Widget not Working in Safari

I have tried to learn Dojo and Dijit (Dojo widget) recently. One widget, Rating by mindtrove's blog is a simple one as rating control.

The problem I encountered is that the keys are not working in Safari. I tried it on Windows IE and Firefox (both Windows and Mac), and it works fine. The problem, as far as I can get, is that Safari does not allow most HTML DOM objects to receive focus. Only button and text box are. Not sure if there is any way to change Safari's default behavior.

The widget only respond to mouse click. As a result, if you want to clear rating, you have to refresh the page. I think I read something about Mac. It is a mouse driven OS, and everything is UI with mouse interaction. However, in cases like this one, key events would be much desirable. Not sure if there is way to configure Safari's behavior, hope this "bug" would be fixed soon.

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