Sunday, August 10, 2008

Screen Sharing and File Sharing

The next time is that I need talk to my iMac from MacBook Pro. I watched some demo video about screen sharing and Mac's AIrPort wireless feature.

Now it is time to really put my hands on. By default, the Sharing feature is off. I was not able to see another Mac computer first. I googled web to get some information. It is not so hard to do it. First you have to turn on Sharing feature from System Preperrence before doing any remote connection.

Then the sharing feature is available. There are many ways to do sharing. By using Ethernet cable, you can see another shared Mac right away from Finder. That's very secured sharing.

Now I am sitting at the backyard with only power cord, no Ethernet connection. I am using AirPort wireless connection to connect to my iMac. I am in a different account, iMac is actively in Admin. Then I can do Sharing Screening to my iMac. From there I can browse web and do my blog. That's really cool!

The only thing is that my MacBook Pro's screen resolution is not good enough in sharing screen mode, not as same as my local screen. By using AirPort wireless connection, I can remote access to my iMac in my house anywhere. By the way, I just discovered that if I turn the Scaling off from Screen Sharing's View menu, my screen is much nice, almost as same as my local screen. The only thing is that not all the items in one screen, and I have to scroll up and down to see other parts of my iMac's 24" screen. That's fine while I am doing my blog(since this is the only thing I am interested in and I am working on).

There are more about remote connection, such as sharing files, remote log in and remote control, etc. It is so convenient and easy to do in Mac. All these features are available just in OS. 

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