Sunday, August 3, 2008

iTune Lyrics and NeoOffice

I have some my favorite songs in my iTune's library. For those songs, I can find their lyrics from web. Then I tried to copy those lyrics to songs so that I can view them in my Visualizer Cover Version. This is a very nice add-in for iTune.

The only problem is that when I copy lyrics and paste them to a song, there always a empty line between lyric lines. I could remove them one by one. However, in my Windows Word, I can paste them there and replace empty lines by special characters ^p^p with one ^p.

The NeoOffice, which is free for Mac, has different replacement. In Find and Replace dialog window, check the Regular Expression options, then replace $^ with empty line. This will remove all the empty lines. I copy the lyrics back to iTune. Job is done! Actually, the Regular Expressions is more standard way, which is widely used in software programming. You can easily find out more about the Regular Expressions. It is very powerful.

By the way, to access to iTune song's infomration, press Command+I. You also paste graphics to the song. While I enjoy my songs, I can see my song's lyrics and graphics as background. In iPod or iTouch, they are also displayed. I like it very much!

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