Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mac Menus

Mac OS menus are always on the top. Depending on what application you use or is active, the menu changed dynamically. For example, by default, it is Finder's menu. If you open the Firefox application, then the Firefox's menu is on the top. I like this way to arrange the application's menu, and it saves some space in your application window. In Windows OS, the application's menu is always inside and on top of the application window. I think that the Max OS menu layout is better than Windows. You have to understand the way Mac OS displays menu.

Sometimes you may close your application window but your application may still running. It is just the application window which is closed. I was confused at the first since I use Witch which is a system tool to switch between applications by pressing some hot-keys (I use Alt-arrow down keys). To close the application with no windows, you can switch to the application and then press Command+Q.

I like the Mac's menu layout specially when I use Firefox with Vimperator addin. Vimperator automatically disables Firefox's menu. However, since Mac's menu is always on the top instead within the Firefox window, so the menu is always visible. In Windows, if I want to display the menu, I had to type :set go+=m each time(I could set menu visible permanently, but that takes some space in the window). In the Mac, I can access Firefox's menu on the top. Vimperator just cannot make the menu invisible.

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