Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Create Alias & Quick Move to Trash

To create an Alias in Mac is very easy. Normally, you just right click on a file or application (or hold Control and click if you disable the secondary mouse button), select Make Alias. Then an Alias is created in the same folder.

An Alias in Mac can be distinguished by an icon with an arraw on the left bottom of its icon.

However, sometime, you cannot see the Make Alias in the context menu. Here is another way to create an Alias: hold and drag a file/applicaiton icon to another location, then hold Option and Command key. You will see an Alias icon. Drop the icon, then it is the Alias you want.

I like to use keyboard most of time. It is very convenient and quick. To delete a file or folder, you can select the item, then hold Command key and press delete key.

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