Saturday, November 10, 2012

Update: Safari 6.0.2, iPhoto 9.4.2 and Xcode 4.5 Tip: Unhidden not updated apps

I think that now I understand how Mac Software update works. Mac OS, Mountain Lion, introduces a new feature of software auto-upate. I thought that it would do updates most cases in evenings automatically. Since I got my OS updates, I find out that I still have to do update manually. The big difference is that before ML, I got notification about updates. Then I click on update. The update will start to download packages, then continue to proceed the update; and after ML, all the updates are through App Store. I still get prompt for updates. It does not do updates automatically.

This the new settings for Software Update in System Preference:

The download process can be set automatically. Within the auto-check-update, there is one option for install system data files and security updates. I though all the updates would be done automatically with this option.

I keep watching for the updates. There still may updates not done automatically. Today I pay attention to how updates done in App Store. When I click on update, for example, Safari 6.0.2, there is no download in progress bar. It just starts to proceed updates. The download was done long time ago, maybe last night. This matches to my settings. However, I still have to accept updates, and let them go.

One thing I noticed in updates and purchase area in App Store is that if you right click on one item, there is option to hide it. When an item is in hidden, you will not see it any more. The reference has a link to Apple web site about how to enable or disable this feature.

The following is the snapshot of today's update:

The change of update makes my space calculation difficult. I cannot do more close calculation of space before and after, since the download is done way before I get notice. This does have impact on my space calculation. So far I don't know how I can do a better calculation. I think the used space before download already takes account of download packages, while after space may not include packages removed after updates. For the time being, I just keep the same way I did before. I'll add two more rows at the end: the total used space after updates, and capacity.

The following is the comparison of spaces used before and after of the updates:

Command: df -lakUsed(Kilobytes in 1024-blocks)
After Safari...267,504
Difference (A-B)-37,308
After iPhoto...185,496
Difference (A-As)-82,008
After Xcode...79,796
Difference (A-Ai)-105,700
Used after updates407,079,796


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