Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Remove Stuck Installed Apps

Recently I was struggling with stuck installed app in my App Store update area. The app is DropCopy, a free app I downloaded long time ago. When I saw obviously App Store has a badge with number 1, I tough I had update. I click on App Store and in Update tab, I saw a stuck installed app DropCopy.

There seems there is no way to get rid of it. Nothing I could find a way to uninstall it. In the Purchased tab, I found this app as Installed. Right click on it, I could hide it. But still the red 1 badge was still hanging there.

It is quick annoying.

Today I finally find a way to vanish the badge 1. It is quite simple. I started with with the uninstallation. In Mac, to remove an app is very simple: find it and trash it.

I bring my SpotLight by pressing command + space key. Type "DropCopy". Then hold command key and click on it. The find is opened. To my surprise, the DropCopy is in the folder of "MyApplication" under Applications!

I moved "MyApplication" from root to "Applications". I had a reason to keep all the apps I found from web or none-Apple places within "MyApplication". That was good idea until I realized that I could not restore it back from TimeMachine back if I want only one account and applications restored. That's why I moved "MyApplication" to Applications. I think that I might have a sticky mouse to moved DropCopy to "MyApplication" without my notice. As a result, I think, it caused this stuck app in App Store.

Back to my solution to fix the issue, I removed the app DropCopy. Whala! The badge gone right away. Then I went to Purchased area, I can download it from there again.

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