Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My experience with Mountain lion dictation feature

I'm going to write this blog by using Mountain lion dictation. I'm not going to modify all tied all make any corrections. I understand about my English is not perfect I have strong Chinese accent. So I cannot complain about Moncton live dictation. It would be very interesting to see how can I write this blog by using my penlight dictation.

Often I updated my Mac OS last weekend, I started to try dictation feature yesterday. In the beginning I couldn't table dictation feature. It was very frustrating. Before giving a try, I didn't google search about how to enable dictation. Actually I think Google search for bald dictation. Okay, I have difficulty to use dictation right now. What I was trying to say I did a Google search football dictation.

Anyway let me continue. I didn't follow instructions to Naple dictation long system preference. However, I couldn't stop dictation by pressing function key works. Yeah I mean stop dictation. Here I mean spa dictation. Maybe I cannot say stop correctly in English. Not stop, I mean stock. Okay let's continue!

Then, I did Google research to find a solution. Arthur spending some time, I found a solution for Apple forever. The solution is at two special DNS IP in my night walk. Here is the picture.

Author I did this change, my dictation walks. I tried dictation into text. I mean text at the app. He dictation lost me, all I lost dictation. Today I gave dictation to try again. As you can see, it is really ross.

Not that thing I noticed is that you stinky keys are in Nabel, the dictation will not walk. Sticky keys can be enabled from accessibility through system preference.  My speaking keys was Knable. When speaking keys on table, pressing function keys twice will not walk.

My first experience all Moncton Dictation feature is mixture. For me it is frustrating experience. But I cannot complain, because it may be my English problem.

For all the experience, I have to speak very slow and clear. When I get back, in the house unlocked. It doesn't make sense at all. Many repeat again. When I did that, it's how long.

I try not correct any mistakes, thought I had to correct saw. Otherwise Psalm just that doesn't make sense at all! For me, I may use dictation to improve my English.

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