Thursday, December 24, 2009

First New Updates for my iMac 27

After I confirmed all the OS and users have been migrated to my new iMac 27, removed all the previous copied users from TM, and backed up everything to my TM again, I checked my updates today. No surpassingly, there are some updates; however, some looks like I have done in my previous iMac 24, refer to my previous updates.

Here is the space comparison between the update before and after:
Command: df -lakUsed(Kilobytes in 1024-blocks)
Before ...3,068,044
Difference (A-B)-407,036

By the way, iMac 24 has 500GB space, and the capacity is 41%. Now the new iMac 27 has 1TB space and the capacity is 21%. That's a huge increase in HD. I am very happy about this hardware change.

This upgrades contain several items. Here are snap-shots of them:

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