Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Airport Update

Yesterday I subscribed to MacUser blog, which is recommended by 苹果 fans. MacUser's yesterday blog mentioned this update.

I cleaned my Trash first. Then I made a note of my HD space with df. I started the update. The update requires a reboot. After the reboot, I copied a file and deleted it to the Trash. I was able to clean the Trash again. Here is the space comparison between the update before and after:

Command: df -lakUsed(Kilobytes in 1024-blocks)
Before ...4,706,172
Difference (A-B)-3,084,608

I got 3GB space back! I really don't know how I can explain. If this space back is not from the update, at least the clean Trash will not only remove deleted files. It may clean some other unused files. For example, the update file, and other not-needed-caches.

In Windows, there is one Clean Disk utility available for clean disk spaces. That option takes long time to display some items can be cleaned if you don't do it frequently. You have to run manually to get space back. In Mac, I constantly clean my Trash. If I don't do it frequently, the clean process would take a long time as well. Mac's clean is really clean, including some hidden items.

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