Thursday, November 26, 2009

iPhoto 8.1.1 Update

Today I found new software update: iPhoto 8.1.1, a news from Chinese Apple fan's blog.

Tomorrow will be American's Black Friday. Apple will extend the special to global wide, including Canada, UK, France, Australia and more. Unfortunately, I could not find the sale picture on Apple China. Mac computer, iPod, iPhone, and iTunes store are integrated pars of Apple production. iPhone just officially entered to China (this month) but the sales is very low. Even thousands of iPhones have been in iPhone through grey market, I think the key issue is that other Apple productions are not popular in China. The price is still high. It will take some time for Chinese people really realize the beauty and power of Apple computer and other production. Eventually, iPhone will succeed in China.

If the price is good tomorrow, I'll place my order of a new iMac 27 at Apple store on web. It is time for me to consider to update my iMac 24. If I get the new one, I'll take the existing one back to China, to share it with my extended family in China when I have my vacation to China early next year.

Back to the update, here is the picture of iPhoto update and space comparison between after and before:

Commad: df -lakUsed(Kilobytes in 1024-blocks)
Before ...298,900
Difference (A-B)1,936

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