Saturday, November 28, 2009

I ordered iMac 27" i5 on Black Friday

Black Friday is a traditional sales day for shops and business in America just after the Thanksgiving day. Yesterday was Black Friday. I read some rumours about Apple special on Black Friday. I was expecting big surprise or price cut on BF, as rumours of $150-$300US cut. Apple's web site did indicate sales on Friday, including Canada, UK, France and more, but not in China.

Early morning at about 5:00AM, I got up on Friday. The iMac sales at $101 off. It is the same cross US and Canada, but $101 is Canadian dollars. This is not big cut, only $1 less than education price. I was very disappointed. However, it is a sale and one day sales.

I really like iMac 27" new computer. This one has amazing resolution LED blaklit display, double HD and memory, and better video card, not mentioning the 4-core processors and the new magic mouse (wireless keyboard is OK, but it does not have extended numeric keys), comparing to my iMac 24 I got 1 year and 8 month ago. The price is $300 less than my iMac. The price is already very good. It is even much less expensive than the same level PCs. No PC can compete this specifications, not saying the quality and outstanding OS.

Friday was one day sale. I could wait late to get it at education price, but it will be much easy just place the order. I had to place my order since yesterday there was very bad and sudden snow during the work off time. The traffic was very jams everywhere. I could not drive to Market Mall's Apple store to pick up one. The order will take about one week to deliver my new iMac 27" i5 to my home.

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