Sunday, September 13, 2009

Updates: OS 10.6.1 and NeoOffice

I installed the Snow Leopard's first patch 10.6.1 two days ago. The following is the snap-shot of the installation details.

Mac OS 10.6.1 Update

Here is the space comparison:
Used(MB in binary base)
Before 281,042
Difference (A-B)2,178

NeoOffice 3.0 Patch 7 Update

My NeoOffice has been not able to launch since I updated my OS to Snow Leopard. This is the comparability issue. Fortunately, NeoOffice quickly released a update to resolve the issue. The following is the space difference between before and after the installation:
Used(KB in decimal base)
Before 199,373,104
Difference (A-B)3,296

After the installation, my NeoOffice is back to live.

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