Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spotlight Calculation and Copy/Paste

Spotlight is the most handy tool I use. Just press Command+Space, and then text area is displayed in the up right corner. From there , I type in a key word, or just a partial word, for my application or document. Press enter key to accept the selection. Within seconds, the application or document I want is opened.

The Spotlight has its dynamical index being updated to learn my most used words. For example, if I use Yahoo web site most of time in Spotlight, I just need to type Y or Ya then Yahoo web site is the top one selected ready for use.

I learned that people also use the Spotlight to do calculation with functions as well. I like this very much and use it most of time. No need to launch Calculation, Numbers or NeoOffice Spreadsheet if I just need to do a simple calculation. For example, I use it most of time for the calculation of the space saved between before and after an installation.

The tip of today is not just the calculation in Spotlight. I find out that you can also use Copy and Past features to get and to use the result. For example, after the calculation (make sure there is no selection in the calculation expression), just press the Command+C. The result will be in clipboard, 268 in this example. Then I can past the result to my blog just by pressing Command+V keys.

Today's tip is that you can do your calculation and get the result at almost the same time!

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