Monday, September 28, 2009

iWork'09 Update 3

New update is available today: iWork'09 update. Since I purchased iWork 09 recently, I got this update. Actually, I have only one problem with Keynote when it tried to load a black template while I tried to follow Apple's video tutorial. The background was in mass colour instead of black. I tried other templates and I had same issue with background colour. Finally, I resolved the issue after I rebooted my Mac. Not sure if this has anything with the fixes in this update.

Here is the space comparison:
Commad: df -lkUsed(Kilobytes in 1024-blocks)
Before ...4,081,508
Difference (A-B)-978,520

It is a surprise that I got more space back after the update. Not sure what caused the gain? I did clean my trash before the update. After the update date, my trash was empty. I went to Finder to duplicate a file and then delete the file. As a result, I could clean my trash again. I did realize that 5 items were securely removed (even one pdf file I deleted). I don't understand that what were other 4 items come from? Maybe I should post this question to

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