Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Apple in China

Now I am in China for 3 week vacation. I have chance to visit local computer stores. It is really hard to see Apple computers on the market. Actually, I have not seen a Mac computer at most. It is still Windows dominate market.

I don't know who to blame, Apple or customers. I think it should be Apple. I talked to most people and ask them about Mac. They all say that Apple computer is too expensive and there is no competition at all. PCs are everywhere and there are a lots of hardware and software available.

On the web, I can find some Apple fans and information about Apple. There are still some Apple fans in China. It may take some time for Apple to enter Chinese market. I checked my iMac when I was in Canada. The power supply does support 220V, which means I could use it if I brought it to China.

As far as I know, iPhone is not in China for the time being. I could not find iTouch neither. I remembered that when I visited Apple store with location to China, there are very few music and applications available, comparing to US and Canadian stores.

How Apple enter to Chinese market is still unknown. I think it is very tough market for Apple.

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