Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Best Is Yet To Come

I was not able to watch the keynote speach by Phillip Schiller at MacWorld 2009 when I was in China. Back to Calgary from the vacation, I just watched the speech last night. Most media or web reports are mixed with disappointment, however, I feel the speech is very exiting. I am mostly interested in iLife 2009, especially iPhoto, iMovie and GrarageBand.

I have used iLife 08 recently to edit my photos and videos. I made several DVDs and very impressed by its power and easy use. The new features provides more powerful features and I like them very much. The only thing is that there is little information about iDVD. Not sure if iDVD provides "Play All" for all sections or not. I tried to find out a way to do that, but it looks like that iDVD does not support that, only iDVD Pro or Final Cut does, which is very expensive.

Anyway, most people expect more from the event, such as updated Mac mini, iMac, New OS Snow Leopard, and upgraded Mighty mouse. I would like to see Mighty mouse and Mac Mini, because I love multi-touch and less expensive mini as multi-media center. However, I cannot get all at once. As the song says, The Best Is Yet To Come!

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