Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Recently I have a chance to make some DVD movies based on my previous video recording mpg and photos. I remembered that I did use iPhoto to make some slid shows. It was cool. You can add music and transitions to slide shows. However, I found out that iMovie is much better.

With iMovie, you can add text, crop, music to photo slides, as well as transitions between photos. With iMovie, you have more control of the length of each photo period time and transition time. After editing, you can export the project to a movie file.

The next step is to use iDVD to import medias such as phone and movies as items. You can choose music and themes for DVD. All the items can be ranged in a tree structure with additional sub menus if there are too many items in one menu.

At first, I set the DVD project encoding settings to Best Performance. It took about half hour to make a DVD. Later I found out that I have options to encode as High Quality or Professional Quality. I tried the last option. It took about 6 hours to make a DVD, but the size is much smaller than the Best Performance. That means you can put more contents to a DVD. It is really fun to make high quality DVD. iLife is really cool!

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