Sunday, October 31, 2010

I got Apple TV!

I purchased Apple TV yesterday. I went to the local Apple store for my appointment regarding my iMac27 reboot issue. There were a lots Apple TV available on shelf. However, I don't like Apple's 10% restocking charge. After my appointment, I went to a close-by Future shop and Best-buy. Apple TV was sold out at both locations. Finally I got it from another Future shop, 15 minutes drive.

AppleTV is so small and it is very easy to set up. Only two lines I have to plug in, one for power and another HDMI wire. I use my AirePort Extreme Base Station wireless as my internet connection. It does support Wi-Fi connection as well. I tried to use it with its original remote controller and my 1st gen iPod Touch, Remote App. It works well. Some of YouTube contents take some waiting time or pause. I think that may be caused by internet or YouTube. There are a lots from Podcasts and I enjoyed some shows.

I also tried to access to iMac 24's iTunes. In order to do that, I have to set up my iTunes sharing on from iTunes Preference. Then I have to log on with my Apple ID. Then I have to set it up from Apple TV with the same Apple ID, which can be set in Settings|General|iTunes Store. In order to view content from iMac 24, I have to let it on. Unfortunately only one computer can be set up.

I am going to get Netflex service. Since there are so many contents available in AppleTV, I have cancelled my cable TV service.

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