Saturday, July 17, 2010

Podcast Capture 2 and Producer 2

In past weeks, I have been watching WWDC10 videos. At the end of each show, I see the end with "Made with Podcast Producer":

I did not understand what it is. Then I google it. Hah hah!, I found it. It is a Mac application, actually a server application. Apple web page has detail information about the new version of Podcast Producer 2, and YouTube has show on this one as well, several videos by MacBookPirate.

However, Podcast Producer 2 is a Server application. I don't have Mac Server yet. Mac Mini Sever is a very attractive box I want. That may be my excuse to get one. Just I don't have time to get it yet. Interesting finding is that I also found there is a counter part application for client. It is called as Podcast Capture 2. It is available in my Mac as I found it from my spotlight:

And here are some screenshots I have about it, first is the launch:

and the next for log in:

since I don't have a Mac Server, so I am stuck here. Here is the help information:

When I get my Mac Mini server, I'll give it a try for sure. It looks like that this tool is an end-to-end application to make, process and distribute podcast. Not only you may host podcast server, you can also submit podcasts to iTunes. That will be great.

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