Monday, July 5, 2010

iPad Tips

I found two very useful tips. Actually they also apply to iPhone and iPod Touch. First one is to take a snap-shot of the current screen. Press the power button first, and then tap the home button. Then you will see a camera splash sound. The screen snap shot is right into your iPhoto.

Then you can sync your iPad and all the snapshots will be in your iPhoto devices. The following is one of my locked screen:

note: the original photo is 1024x768, 1.2MB. I saved it as 50% smaller.

The second tip is to play sound only for videos. I have a lots of video podcasts. When I play a video, the sound will be cut off if I press power button to close my screen. However, for audio podcasts, the sound will keep on with screen off. The tip is to quickly tab the home button twice, then you will see audio controller. You can continue to play, or skip to previous or next one. This is very nice tip if you only want to listen to the audio sound:

The above is a WWDC 2010 video playing in screen off mode. This tip also works if you only want to quickly access the audio control, for example, to stop audio or to skip to the next.

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