Tuesday, September 2, 2014

iMac Experience

This is my recent experience with my iMac 27. No thing wrong with it, however, I mistakenly put my flash camera disk into DVD slot when I was trying to import photos to iPhoto app. My old iMac 27 has both DVD and flash disk slots on the right side.

I tried to pull the disk out. As most of disk was already in the slot, it was so hard to grab it. I tried to use a think screw drive to move it out, but it was pushed completed in to the slot. The DVD slot is so small, and there is no easy way to find my disk.

The only way to get it is to open my iMac. I could do it by following instructions from YouTube videos. However, it would be too risky and time consuming. I thought about Apple Retail Store genius support. Then I made an appointment.

The next day I went to local Apple Retail shop. I told a technician my story. He smiled and told me no worries. He carried the iMac to the back room. Within minutes, he came back with my camera disk out. He told that they have tool to get the disk out.

There is no any charge for this service. I was so happy. I talked to another lady nearby with my story. She said, Yes, I love Apple service!

I used to work at computer store. This kind of service there must be a minimum one hour charge. Apple service is absolutely excellent. Normally, you can bring your computer or mobile devices to their genius bar to get consulting service, most of them are free, unless there is any hardware replacement.

Anyway, still I had to find time to travel to the store to get it serviced. Since the DVD disk is almost useless, I just put a tape over it, to avoid similar mistake.

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