Tuesday, January 29, 2013

iMac 27 Power Supply Failure

I found my iMac 27 dead after I came back from my 3 week trip to China. I turned power off before I left. When I tried to turn on my iMac 27 as I came back, the screen stays black, nothing happening. I made an appointment with Apple Help Desk. I had to leave my Mac there since a support staff could not tell what's wrong at that time. He told me two possibilities: one is power supply and another is logic board.

Fortunately, after three days I got email from Apple store my Mad ready for pick up. It was power supply issue. I told them if it is the logic board issue, contact me first. To repair or replay logic board, it would cost me about $500 or more. I was lucky. The part of PS is $69.00, and the labour is $39.00. I was told that the labour cost was reduced recently. It was $100+ before.

I am planning to update my iMac 27 so that I will get at least one year warranty. This time, I think, I'll get extended warranty with three year coverage and phone support.

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