Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to Delete Photos from iCloud

I have enabled my photo streaming to iCloud. It just works. However, there is one very disappointed thing. You cannot delete individual photos in iCloud. I took some photos which are just fingers, I blocked my iPhone camera.

After googling, I found this web about reset all photos in iCloud photo streaming: how to delete photos from iCloud by Cult of Mac.  This article explains how to remove all photos in iCloud.

iCloud photo streaming is a very nice service. All the photos I have taken by my iPhone are available automatically in my iMac and AppleTV. However, people sometimes do make mistakes or they regret to take some photos. How come we cannot delete photos we own?

I see that many users are crying for this deleting individual photo feature. I guess this should not be too hard. Hope the next update vernon of iCloud will have this feature.

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