Saturday, June 18, 2011

iPad Interface Quirk: Parallel Fingers in Frame with Scrollbars

I tried to use iPad to read my programming blog long time ago and I realized that some frames with scrollbars were static, for example, CodeDom and Expression Calculator (2). I thought that iPad browser does not support scrollbars.

To my surprise, I just found a solution. In iPad, scroll bar are not visible by default. Actually, iPad does support scrollbars. In the case of frame, you have to move the content by two fingers. According to this blog(iPad interface quirk: scrolling frames lack scrollbars), it notes that this feature is in iPad's menu. I gave it a try. It does work.

In above case, it obviously shows the content flow. You can apply the same rule when you see a frame with content overflow even without scrollbar hint. The following picture is from another blog on this trick(Make Your iPad Dance with Two Fingers):

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