Monday, December 13, 2010

Mac App for MacBook Battery: coconutBattery

Battery usage hours and battery life are critical specs for laptop computers. Based on the information from Apple, my new MacBook Air 13" is supposed to have 7 hour usage. I am going to test out how good the battery is. One way to test it is to use it and keep eye on its battery hours. Another way is to use application to monitor and record battery hours.

I found one free Mac app related to Battery specs. It is coconutBattery. Here is the current status of my battery:

However, it does actually provide information about my MacBook usage history, such as when is the last charge time, and how many hours are in sleep mode and active mode since the last charge. It may be a good case for a Mac app.

The Mac OS does provide a tool to show the battery status. It is an icon on the right top side the system menu bar. It provides different way to show batter status such as time left, and access to Energy Save Preference.

Yesterday I noticed from this icon that my battery reached to a very low point. Then it displayed a warning message saying that my MacBook Air would be in sleep mode in a few minutes:

I waited for the moment. In a few of minutes, my computer went to a black screen. There was no respond for any key pressed. After that, I plugged in my power and the screen came back. It was very nice experience. I think the battery status icon does provide accurate status. This provides me a chance to save my data and turn off my computer if no power is available.

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Josh Segall said...

Hi David,

Based on this post, I thought you might like a new app that my company just released, called Low Battery Saver ( ). We'd love to send you a free code for it if you want to try it.

Basically, it elegantly solves a really common annoying problem for Mac users-- having your battery run out and your Mac fail to sleep or hibernate, forcing you to restart. This happens all the time to me on my MacBook, and it makes me lose work, takes forever to restart, etc.

It's especially a problem given that the default OSX battery warning is sometimes 15 or 20 minutes before actual battery failure, which teaches you to ignore it. (Apple really ought to make this a part of the operating system--you should never have your computer go completely dead--but until then this app is great protection.)

Anyway, let me know if you'd like a review copy, it would be awesome if you could write about it! It's part of our new Mac / iOS app company, Space Inch.

Thanks so much,

Josh Segall

ps Our company is me, Holmes Wilson, Tiffiniy Cheng, Nick Reville, and Andy Ross. We also hold down day jobs as activists and crusaders for internet freedom. is run by Tiffiniy and Holmes for their non-profit Fight for the Future. Andy is behind some really cool videos for his band, OK Go, that you can see on Youtube. We’re just starting to do Mac apps. You’ll see a few more from us in the near future. Thanks again.