Wednesday, June 2, 2010

iPad with Bell Carrier

I read some news about iPad activation with Bell and many people complain about difficulty to activate it. Basically you have to make a call to activate. Many people say that Rogers is like AT&T in US, easy to set up directly from the device.

I got the Bell SIM card from Apple store. So I decided to give it a try at 1-800-667-0123. It does not take too long to talk to a person in late evening about 10:00pm. The activation staff actually is off. However, the internet staff, James, helped me to set it up.

I have a Bell phone so it is easy to tell my personal information to setup an account. I got an account and a phone number. The phone number is for iPad to connect to Bell network, and it is not a real phone. It is just used for the SIM card to communicate with Bell.

There are two plans: $15 for 250MB 30 days or $35 for 5B 30 days. The plan can be activated from the device with no WiFi available because WiFi has priority connection. When the limit is reached for 30 days or 30 days is reach with some limit left, the plan will terminated. In order to continue to use, a new 30 day plan has to be purchased. In Rogers term, it is called as "top it up".

By the way, my SIM card is pre-registered already. During the phone call I talked to James, I saw Bell (3G) and Bell on Settings->Carrier. James told me that I can chose a plan anytime now from the device. It is a prepaid plan on device. When I pay it, the usage is available right away. It is very cool and it is not so bad to set up. It looks like a very simple way to use it. Just like to shopping in mall or store, when you pay it, you get the product.

I got my iPad on the date when it was released in Canada, May 28, 2010, at the local Apple store (Market mall). I just could not wait for it. Actually, I did not have time to play it in the last weekend. Then my Apple web order arrived yesterday. I picked up at the Federal depot office. This evening I returned one I got from the store. To my surprise, there is 10% restocking charge. I was not informed about the charge for the open product when I purchased it. It was opened at the store by the staff (they provided free setup and show on that day) and I told them I had an order on the way. Without the disclosure of the charge, I felt not happy and really not happy about it. The fight will go on. I'll update its progress.

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Anonymous said...

Restocking charge is a common thing and that's to be expected...You should return the one you have in the mail since I assume that wasn't opened yet.

Regarding the Bell activation, you still cannot do it on the device. It must be done by phone still. However, rumour has it that they will have on-device activation like Rogers sometime soon..could be wishful thinking on my part.