Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shortcut Keys for Front Row

Last night, I accidentally found a shortcut key for Mac's Front Row: Command+esc. By pressing this combination key, I entered the Front Row application, a nice way to access to my iTunes music, movies, photos, podcasts, and Apple's (new) Theatrical Trailers.

I remembered that when I got my iMac 24, the Remote controller was part of the whole package. Now you have to spend $20 to buy one(my iMac 27 did not include the Remote). For me it was OK since I got one. I found that some people complained about too many remote controllers since they got several Macs. It is good idea to not include the remote with new Mac. But many new Mac people would miss it. I recommended my friends to buy the remote since I did not know the shortcut key. I do occasionally use front row to watch trailers and movies, but I had to reach out to get my remote. Now by using keyboard, it is much convenient to jump in to my favorite front row right away without the remote.

Today I googled the phrase of "front row shortcut key" and I fount this summary of shortcut keys for the Front Row. Another convenient key to exit the front row: Command+option+esc.

One thing I realize is that the "Apple Theatrical Trailers" requires internet connection. Trailers are on demand from internet. I tried this function on my another MacBook Pro. I use AirPort wireless connection for the laptop. This morning it was slow to get up the trailer list.

With my figure dancing, I can get the new coming or most recent movies in theaters in seconds. I think I'll watch theatrical trailers more frequently. However, the trails I think are for North American movies, I would be nice if there were ways to configure it with the real local theatrical movies or other country movies.

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