Monday, August 24, 2009

Snow is coming this Fall!

I was right as in my previous blog with my hope. Mac's new OS SNOW is coming this Fall, Friday, on Aug 28, 2009!

Today while I was watching the CTV hourly news on TV(channel 50), the female news anchor announced that SNOW is coming this Fall on Friday! (pause) It is not a real white snow. It is the Snow Leopard, the Apple's new OS. It is going to be released this Friday! My wife was surprised when she heard the first half, "What! Snow in Calgary in early Fall!" I laughed. Ya! It is Apple's surprising SNOW!

As we all know that Calgary's weather is very unpredictable. As far as I know, the only month in a year around with no snow is the month of August. Apple's SNOW is coming to Calgary close to the end of August. It will definitely be a heavy and wild SNOW this fall! What a record-breaking surprise!

Really COOL, isn't it?

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