Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mac Tips from ScreenCastsOnLine HD Podcast

Just watched two podcast from ScreenCastsOnLine HD. One is about Mac's color picker(show 187: Mac Montage 06) and another one is about Mac OS Speech future(show 172: OSX Speech Technology). Both are very cool shows!

The Color picker is an OS level library for applications. There are so many ways to pick up colors. Some I know from Windows but some others I have never seem in Windows. For example, you can pick up color from a image, you can create your own color picker project and share with other people, and you can get plug-in to get special pickers. Hex Color picker is great for Web developers to display colors in hex codes and it is integrated with Color picker UI.

I have owned my iMac for more than one year. I knew that OS has speech command feature. I have never tried it. The show demonstrates the configuration so easy to use. You can use speech command. I tried it to open Finder and close it. Even it is very cool, but I don't think I'll use it. My wife came to my room to see what was happening while I was commanding my Mac.

Speech to Text is a very good feature as well. You can highlight text in browser and let OSX to read the text. That's very good way to listen and to check my blog in a relaxed way. I just tried to let OS's Alex (male from system preference) to read my blog in preview mode and I found several spelling errors.

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