Saturday, September 13, 2008


When I purchased one MBP for my daughter's school, I got a free iTouch. That's the first generation iTouch. Apple just announced the second generation iTouch on September 9, 2008. As my colleague's guess, Apple tried to get rid of existing ones for the new model.

Anyway, there is no big difference between them. I just played the iTouch in the past week. It is new for me. Syncing my music songs, videos and podcast from iTunes on my iMac went very smooth first time. Then yesterday after I updated to iTunes 8.0, I got some error messages about not being able to play some videos in my iTouch. Not sure if I should update my iTouch to 2.1 or not.

iTouch 2.1 provides a way to sync or get iTouch application through iTunes. However, my iTouch does not have this function. It costs 9.99 to update software. I think I have to do it since I'll spend sometime to learn software development on iMac.

I have downloaded iPhone development kit and training videos from Apple. It is very impressive. Mac or iPhone development will be based on Objective-C or Java. It is quite difference from Windows .Net framework, though, there are some similarities. I'll do some iPhone/iTouch development first.

One thing I realized that all the web browsing, emails, and YouTube require wireless connection. I have all wired connection in my house. I was going to get a wireless router, then my friend remind me to give it a try on iMac's AirPort sharing feature. I tried to this feature from System Preference->Sharing. I opened Web Sharing and Internet Sharing with AirPort, FireWire and Ethernet. I think I don't need the later two methods, since I don't have anyway to connect to iTouch by wire. Anyway, after that, I can browse web and YouTube and get emails on my iTouch. That's really cool!

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