Monday, June 9, 2008

Time Machine

Recently, my Windows computer has lost its boot section twice this month. Finally, the HD is dead. Fortunately, I used Norton's Ghost to back up my C: driver. Therefore, I replaced my HD and restored the image.

My Mac does not have any backup yet. This is warning for me. Then I purchased a 500GB external HD and tried to use Mac's Time Machine to back up my HD. The installation is very simple. I don't need to install any driver. However, when I plugged in the USB cable, the HD did not show up. I had to restart my Mac to get the USB HD available for use.

As most people mentioned, the first time back up took a while to complete. I let it run last night. It took about 100GB space and the TM doing hourly incremental back for today. I tried to browse TM. The UI is very cool.

I also realized that the back up was done for my whole HD, including other users I have defined. I cannot see their files in TM, but other users can see their back ups when they log in.

I am not sure how long my 500GB will run out of space. In case that happens, I'll see if I have option to remove the oldest backup to free some space for the next.

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